The real question: Why am I reading this?

I stumbled across this list of “50 Questions For Men We Want Answered ASAP.” For about half a second, I thought about making a post out of answering them. But then I realized how dumb they were, and how most, if not all, of them could be boiled down into two categories:

  • 1. Why are you so disgusting/lazy?
  • 2. Please re-assure me that I’m the most important thing in your life.

And then I got to thinking, What are 50 questions I (or men generally) could ask women? But I decided we’d be lucky to come up with five things we really need to know. If anyone else wants to take a crack at either list, be my guest. If anyone thinks any of the original list are legitimately answer-worthy, I’ll try to take a crack at them.