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MLB All-Overrated Team

Sunday, June 27th, 2004

C- Paul LoDuca

1B- Darin Erstad

2B- Luis Castillo

3B- Sean Burroughs

SS- Derek Jeter

LF- Carlos Lee

CF- Scott Podsednik

RF- Ichiro

SP- Esteban Loaiza

RP- Troy Percival

Mgr- Tony LaRussa

**Note, just because someone is on this list does not necessarily mean he is not a “good” player… just that he is not as good as the media would have you believe.

If you keep making that face, it will freeze that way.

Monday, June 21st, 2004

This is a cautionary tale of sorts. I have started to notice that more and more, I find myself in the very position of people that I once mocked. A few examples.

I had grew up with dogs as pets. Always wanted to have dogs as pets. And I mocked those who owned cats, especially lots of them. Well you can see where this is headed. My fiance has not 1 cat, but 3. So I am now a defacto cat owner (and have been informed by the missus that I will be for the duration of our time together). I’ve come to accept this, and no longer mock cat owners for fear of being hypocritical.

Now we are looking for a house. We live in a large metropolitan area, and both the fiance and myself frequently mock those who move out to The Burbs. However, in looking at the loans we qualify for, it is quickly becoming obvious that if we want a nice house in a nice neighborhood we will have to move out of the city proper.

Another example is that for the majority of my drinking life, I was a beer and bourbon guy. People who drank wine were snobs. Sure enough, I have come to appreciate good wine, and routinely have a glass or two with dinner.

The last example I have, at least that I will admit to, is the used of facial products. Growing up on a farm, I developed a certain stigma about people (read: men) who used things like moisturizers and such. Well, again, the fiance bought me some Jack Black shaving products for Christmas. Being a gift, I couldn’t really throw them away. So I give them a try, and it turns out they work pretty well. Damnit

I mean, what’s next? Am I going to grow a mullet? Am I going to become the person that drives slow in the fast lane on the freeway? What was once a mere coincedence has turned into a disturbing trend, and I have no idea what to do about it. How does one avoid turning into a full blown metrosexual?

Business as usual

Monday, June 14th, 2004

BTQ is back – the old cheerful, content-free blog you know and love has put away the sack cloth and ash. Stand by for Milbarge’s love life updates and a lack of posts from yours truly.


Monday, June 7th, 2004

I know you don’t consider BTQ your first source for news, so by now you should know that former President Ronald Reagn has died.

I have spoken before of my admiration of Nancy Reagan for “her constancy for the former President and her steadfastness in downplaying attempts to canonize the man.” She has some nice comments about her husband in Time this week. As sad as this time must be for her and the family, and as willingly and lovingly as she has assumed the burden of caring for Reagan, I’m sure it’s a relief for them that he’s no longer suffering.

As for Reagan himself, I’m not sure what to say. He was the first political figure I was really aware of. And after all this time, I still can’t draw a bead on him. He seems either to be the most simple or most complicated of men. Much like our current President, I suppose. And by “simple” I don’t mean “dumb.” I mean basic, uncomplicated, un-Nixonian, normal.

I guess my bottom-line assessment is this. Whatever Reagan’s achievements might have been, I’m not ready to start taking bids for blasting a new face onto Mount Rushmore. And while I understand the love that Reagan devotees have for the man, I’m bracing myself for them going overboard. I’ve heard there is even a push to rename California “Reaganland.” Okay, I made that up, but you believed it for a second, didn’t you? I have a feeling Reagan’s successor would support it.

But let’s take Nancy’s cue and remember that Reagan was just a man, not some superhero. The way I see it, doesn’t it say so much more about Reagan’s accomplishments that he could have such a revolutionary vision for government and still be an ordinary guy (who acted with chimps) and had some faults?

I’m certainly not prepared to call Reagan the greatest president we’ve had. But I think the desire to turn Reagan into a saint depends on that characterization. To use a sports analogy, even if Reagan is Babe Ruth, you still have Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Ted Williams, Shoeless Bill Clinton….well, you get the idea. No one’s trying to call baseball “Ruthball,” even if he was the best to ever play the game. For me National Airport will always be “National Airport,” and I’m perfectly content to have Reagan’s lasting physical legacy be the largest government building in Washington. Isn’t his real legacy an idea? You don’t need a groundbreaking and a cheap plaque to call that “Reaganism.” So let’s celebrate a truly American life this week, but don’t make me get new stationery.